Nils Dzenis

Team Leader

I am a TL (team leader) for  Nordic department. Where I manage a team of CSRs(up to 15 people) that handle customers and agents. I am responsible for their performance, development and well-being in the company and project. I organize individual meetings on a monthly basis and once a month I lead a group meeting. I also cover some administrative tasks, related to schedules, salaries etc. I participate in interviewing and assessing potential job applicants. Due to the fact that a lot of people I am responsible for are foreigners I also help them to find apartments, apply for internet etc. This month I finished very intensive “train the trainer” training. Transcom will launch the “Leadership Development program” for TLs and I will be one of two people to lead the training's in Latvia for other TLs in Leadership Development Program.

Transcom  is an opportunity. For a lot of people it is hard to start your carrier in job role you wish. Because your resume might lack experience and/or appropriate education.  Transcom provides opportunity to start your carrier in a large, international company where if you prove yourself you can be given a change to develop and further your carrier. Transcom is lawful company that follows the rules and takes care for its employees best of its capacity.

I enjoy hitchhiking. It gives you the change to meet random people off all walks of life. You can have some of the most interesting encounters and enjoy others generosity. This gives you the opportunity to widen your horizon. I have had conversations with business people, politicians, religions teachers and all kinds of strangers that have shared their stories and wisdom. From time to time you can also have some more thrilling experiences but overall the people that are ready to share their ride with a random stranger are some of the kindest folk that there is.