Monta Klintsone

Business Manager

I am Business Manager in Local Client department. It means that I am responsible for relationships between Transcom and our clients, responsible for department results. Together with my team we are working as engagement partner and are delivering outstanding customer experience to make Transcom clients happy.

The best thing is great experience what you can have growing here internally in Transcom in both ways - horizontally and vertically. I am working here more than 11 years and have very multifaceted experience thanks to different positions. Also I must mention dynamic environment (you'll never get bored!) and of course-best colleagues-this is how we are working! I think almost every Transcom employee have at least one true friendship thanks to Transcom.

Work hard, play hard. I love to spend my free time in active leisure, especially moto and auto racing. Auto racing I am just watching, but in moto racing is fun time to time to participate and to catch some adrenaline. My family and friends we are moto enthusiasts and are supporting The Golden Moped (Zelta Mopēds) motion in Latvia. The Golden Moped was a turning point more than 50 years ago, when it was the beginning of the world's first motorcyclist, moped and scooter races. In nowadays the Golden Moped competition has become one of the basic values of the Latvian national motor sport. This brand has become an important trait and cultural heritage of the Latvian people. This legendary competitions are reborn, and it is really exciting to participate in these races with The Soviet Union time technics which is restored by my husband.