Agija Zelča

Agija Zelča

Team Leader

My name is Agija and my career began in April, year 2014 when I decided to apply for Transcom as a customer service representative. A few months later I was offered to try a new experience in another project at the Finnish team,  in which I am still working. At the moment, I am fulfilling Team leaders duties.

My first year I spent  as a customer service specialist, and then I  was offered position of a quality analyst. I once again accepted the challenge for something new and challenging. The first step was  to go through the nerve-spinning certification process, and once I've successfully passed, I was already able to evaluate calls from other customer service specialists, participate in calibration calls, and get a lot of new knowledge about both the product we are representing and the company itself.

And almost four months ago, Transcom decided to create a separate Finnish team with a new team leader. I applied for this position, and currently I am leading Finnish speaking team. I have a great pleasure in working with this team because we are all very friendly and helpful. The group is very supportive of new colleagues and collectively solving problems, and it does not matter whether they are Latvians with knowledge of Finnish language or native speakers,  who are here to get new work experience in Latvia.

Most valuable of appreciated thing in my work are my wonderfull colleagues. Even though the work environment is dynamic and sometimes challenging, I know that I can always trust my team, colleagues in QA team, other team leaders and Robert, who is a one and onle  "schedule master ." Nadezhda (TQM) and Kristin (BM) are great advisers and always open for conversations.

I like working here a lot and looking forward for all the new possibilities and opportunities work in Transcom can offer.