Our people

Transcom is an opportunity. For a lot of people it is hard to start your carrier in job role you wish. Because your resume might lack experience and/or appropriate education. Transcom provides opportunity to start your carrier in a large, international company where if you prove yourself you can be given a change to develop and further your carrierRead more
Most valuable of appreciated thing in my work are my wonderfull colleagues. Even though the work environment is dynamic and sometimes challenging, I know that I can always trust my team!Read more
The best thing is great experience what you can have growing here internally in Transcom in both ways - horizontally and vertically. I am working here more than 11 years and have very multifaceted experience thanks to different positions. Also I must mention dynamic environment (you'll never get bored!) and of course-best colleagues-this is how we are working! I think almost every Transcom employee have at least one true friendship thanks to Transcom.Read more
I improved a lot in Transcom and every day I am better than I was yesterday. Transcom helps to find any hidden talents in every person who works here. I have no doubt that every person and every opinion here - matters. And every effort will be appreciated and rewarded.Read more
I am proud of myself that I was employee of the month. I am happy, because here my work is appreciated.Transcom tought me to be more patient and susceptible, look behind visible, always strive for progress and achieve more.Read more
My journey in Transcom can be described with one word - “growth”. I started in Transcom as CSR and during 4.5 years managed to develop my personal and professional skills, to try myself by working with two different clients and change of 5 positions. And this is exactly why I like Transcom. Transcom is a place where you will never get bored and you will face challenges that will help you improve. If you have decided that you want to grow and achieve more, this is the place where you could definitely start.Read more
One thing that I personally think is fantastic about working for Transcom is how close everyone are. No one feels "out of reach" I feel like if needed everyone from CSR's within the different projects / languages up to business managers are available and happy to interact with you and this is something that is displayed everyday at work!Read more