My Transcom Experience - Zsófia Kosák

Zsófia Kosák
Team Leader

I joined Transcom Hungary in July 2013. I was still a student and I started to work as a Customer Service Representative at a visa information line. That project ended in March 2014, so I transfered to work for an online travel agency, also as Customer Service Representative. The next change in my position took place in June 2015, when I became a Lead CSR for the Spanish team. Shortly after that I was offered to become the team leader for the group. From February 2016 I became the TL of the English group.

To be a team leader means that you need to coordinate a group. This means you are responsible for their performance and that they have all the necessary means to be able to evolve. Besides professional expectation it is also very important to create good environment and cohesion in the team.

The best thing about working at Transcom is the possibility of professional and also personal growth. I also like working in team and the team spirit is really good at work, we have an excellent relationship between the colleagues.