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“The best thing about Transcom is the career and development opportunities the company offers. The variety of tasks together with the good team spirit makes Transcom an enjoyable workplace.”
Grow with us! Start your professional career with Transcom today and learn more about how to create the most outstanding customer service ever!
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Being an employer who hire thousands of young professionals every year, we see it as our duty to empower and coach our people.  

There are a multitude of ways to challenge yourself as a Transcom employee, and the career paths we offer are many. If you are dedicated, committed and provide good quality services and like to have fun at work, you will always have internal career opportunities.

According to our employees, the best things with Transcom are the colleagues and the work atmosphere.

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Transcom is a global customer experience specialist, providing customer care, sales, technical support and collections services. Every day, our 29,000 customer experience specialists handle more than 1.5  million interactions with our clients’ customers in more than 33 languages all over the world. Every hour, we rely on knowledgeable, motivated people to deliver great customer experience, in any customer situation and via any channel. Every year we hire thousands of new people on whom our business results depend.

In our business we can truly say that people make all the difference!

Our Vision

Be recognized as a global leader in customer experience!

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Our people

"I started as a CSR in January 2014 where I helped customers in Norwegian, English and Hungarian with US visa related questions. In the beginning of 2015 we had an open position for Lead CSR so I decided to apply. This way I could be familiar with various new tasks, I was able to take on extra responsibilities including call evaluations, training new hires, assisting the team leader. My latest achievement was in the same year when I got the possibility to be a team leader. My job at Transcom has given me a lot of great experiences and I have grown as a person and hopefully the new tasks made mRead more
I joined Transcom Hungary in July 2013. I was still a student and I started to work as a Customer Service Representative at a visa information line. That project ended in March 2014, so I transfered to work for an online travel agency, also as Customer Service Representative. The next change in my position took place in June 2015, when I became a Lead CSR for the Spanish team. Shortly after that I was offered to become the team leader for the group. From February 2016 I became the TL of the English group.Read more

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