Career opportunities

Anis Garbaya: From CSR to Senior Business Manager (Tunisia) I have often heard that a satisfying career is the key to a happy and fulfilled life since it enables an individual to achieve a feeling of well- being and self accomplishment. I personally believe that and with the right kind of mind-set there is no limit for personal and professional aspirations. Few years of experience and personal commitment led me to a position of team leader and offered me a large set of challenges and new horizons. After 2 years a new position of trainer was available and I found myself naturally attracted to tRead more
My name is Cecilie I'm 25 years old. I moved here from Fredericia right by Lillebælt. I studied nature and cultural heritage management before and I moved to Sweden to try something new and to live in another country. I work in Customer Service and book hotel rooms for Scandic Hotels The thing I love most is the community in the workplace, we are not that many Danish people, and we are all away from home, so it feels like a family and we help and see each other outside work as well. But also there is a good community with the Norwegian and Swedish line as well, so one big happy Transcom familyRead more
My name is Frederik, I'm 22 years old from Aalborg in Denmark. Before I moved to Sweden I worked for the royal guard in Copenhagen. The reason I chose to work abroad is that I thought it would be exciting and challenging to move to a different country. I am a customer service representative for Scandic Hotels. What I love most about working at Transcom are definitely my coworkers. We work in a fairly small team where most people have relocated from Denmark which gives us rather big in common. Overall, we have a nice atmosphere in the group. My favorite part of the work is being able to help otRead more
Hi, I am Nikolaj. I was studying in Denmark and I felt that I needed a break. I have a friend who is actually my flat mate now who recommended the job at Transcom, so I moved here in January and started to work as a Service agent. My work is to help out customers who have problems. There is a rotation in our team; you can try every segment of the work. We do calls, emails and social media. Social media part is very cool this is my favorite part. The Danish team is great. The coworkers are fun, we always make jokes. Our team leader is very nice. He always knows what we need, he can be serious aRead more