I joined Transcom Hungary in July 2013. I was still a student and I started to work as a Customer Service Representative at a visa information line. That project ended in March 2014, so I transfered to work for an online travel agency, also as Customer Service Representative. The next change in my position took place in June 2015, when I became a Lead CSR for the Spanish team. Shortly after that I was offered to become the team leader for the group. From February 2016 I became the TL of the English group.Read more
I grew up in Osijek. Here I went to school, founded my family and here my son and daughter are growing up. I'm a creative person, I love new ideas, new technology, different languages ​​and cultures. In leisure time I create decorative and practical items, I like cooking, interior design, balkony flowering, bicycle riding. I spend most of my time in controlling homework and as a moral and transport support in the activities and interests of my children. A favorite place to relax is our deck chair on the balcony, with ice coffee, greenery and birds. Cinema and popcorn are also always a good idea!Read more
I have been working in various projects at Transcom since 2003 and really enjoy my current job as a client advisor. I am particularly happy when I train new colleagues. I know from my previous work experience other call centers and must say that Transcom has developed very modern. We are anything but stale. In my spare time, I use a health insurance from Transcom with a colleague and once a week I go with her to the swimming pool, which is right next to our office.Read more
I started at Transcom in January 2008 as a call center agent. That was meant as a short adventure, to save for a new study, but since I'm still here, now as Quality Manager, we can say that that did not work out! Soon after I started, I was asked for a trainer position - at that time called Product Supervisor. Then switched to the quality team. First as Quality Analyst and then as Quality manager.Read more